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Image of an iconic Oregon bridge shrouded in mist, symbolizing the journey of strategic planning consulting by connecting current business landscapes with future goals and opportunities.

Comprehensive Strategic Planning Consulting for a Thriving Pacific Northwest

At Healthy Sustainable Communities, we understand that the cornerstone of any successful organization lies in its strategic planning. Our approach to strategic planning is not just about setting goals but about crafting a comprehensive blueprint that guides your organization towards sustainable success and growth. We offer a suite of strategic planning consulting services tailored to the unique needs and challenges of your organization.

Our Strategic Planning Services

Business Plans

Our strategic planning consultants excel in crafting detailed business plans, focusing on aligning every element with your long-term objectives. They integrate market analysis and financial forecasting into a concise strategy, guiding your organization towards sustainable growth and preparing it to navigate future challenges efficiently.

Strategic Planning Consultant Analyzing A business plan
Strategic planning Consultants at a table with sheets that have pie charts and data graphs conducting financial analyis

Financial Analysis:

Understanding the financial health and potential of your organization is crucial. Our financial analysis service provides a deep dive into your financial statements, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. We help you understand your financial position and make informed decisions to drive profitability and stability.

Board, Council, Commission Support and Coaching:

Effective leadership is key to successful strategic planning. Our strategic planning consultants offer support and coaching for boards, councils, and commissions, enhancing their ability to lead and make strategic decisions. Our coaching focuses on governance best practices, decision-making processes, and enhancing overall board effectiveness.

Person gesturing during a meeting with another individual, with a laptop showing graphs and planning tools on the table, indicating a strategic discussion.
Two women smiling and applauding, one wearing a colorful headscarf, in a meeting related to funding strategy for sustainability.

Funding Strategy for Sustainability:

Securing funding and managing resources effectively is essential for long-term sustainability. We assist in developing funding strategies that align with your organization's goals and mission. This includes identifying potential funding sources, grant writing, and creating plans for sustainable financial management.

Organizational Development

The backbone of any organization is its people and structure. Our organizational development services focus on aligning your organization's structure, culture, and workforce with its strategic objectives. We help in building a strong organizational foundation that supports growth, adaptability, and resilience.

Confident young man with a beard smiling at the camera, seated at a meeting table with a diverse group of colleagues in a collaborative organizational development setting.

Who We Help: Empowering the Pacific Northwest Through Strategic Planning

At HSC, we're proud to serve as strategic planning consultants for non-profits, governments and municipalities, and local businesses, all with a shared goal of enhancing the Pacific Northwest. Our services are carefully crafted to resonate with the unique landscape of challenges and opportunities this region offers. By working hand-in-hand with these diverse sectors, we're committed to leveraging our expertise in strategic planning to fuel the growth and strengthen the resilience of our communities.

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Our team specializes in strategic planning for nonprofit organizations, recognizing the distinct challenges and opportunities that define this sector. We offer customized solutions to assist nonprofits in Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest in amplifying their impact, securing sustainable funding, and managing their resources efficiently. Our strategic planning services aim to empower these organizations to achieve their missions and enhance their community service more effectively.

Public Sector 

We are experts in addressing the specific needs of public sector organizations. From city councils to regional government agencies, our strategic planning consulting services are geared towards helping these entities navigate the complexities of governance, compliance, and community engagement. We assist in developing strategies that promote efficiency, transparency, and public service excellence.

Local Businesses

The backbone of the Pacific Northwest's economy lies in its local businesses. Our strategic planning consultants are dedicated to supporting these businesses, helping them to thrive in a competitive market. We provide insights and strategies that are crucial for local businesses to adapt, grow, and contribute to the region's economic vitality.

Where We Help: Serving the Pacific Northwest From Major Cities to Small Towns

HSC takes pride in being recognized among the top strategic planning consulting firms dedicated to the Pacific Northwest. Our services are rooted in a deep understanding of the region's diverse landscape. From the bustling cities to the serene rural towns, our expertise spans the entire region, offering tailored solutions that address local challenges and capitalize on opportunities.


Our commitment to the Pacific Northwest goes beyond mere service provision; it's about fostering sustainable growth and resilience within communities by acknowledging and integrating the cultural, economic, and environmental nuances that define this vibrant region. Here's how where making an impact across Oregon, Washington, and Northern California:

Beautiful forest in Oregon


  • San Francisco

  • Oakland

  • Redding

  • Sacramento

  • San Jose


  • Portland

  • Salem

  • Bend

  • Medford

  • Eugene

  • Hillsboro

  • Tigard


  • Seattle

  • Vancouver

  • Tacoma

  • Bellevue

  • Spokane

Don't See Your Town? No Problem!

The Pacific Northwest is a diverse region, home to communities of all sizes. If your town or city isn't listed above, rest assured, our commitment to building resilient communities knows no bounds. We extend our emergency management consulting services to every area within Oregon, California, and Washington, believing firmly that every community, no matter its size, deserves the best in emergency preparedness and response planning.

Feel free to contact us to explore how we can assist your community in its emergency management efforts. Together, we can strive for a safer, more resilient Pacific Northwest.

Our Approach to Strategic Planning

At HSC, we believe in a collaborative, inclusive approach to strategic planning. We work closely with your team to understand your vision, challenges, and opportunities. Our process involves:

At HSC, we believe in a collaborative, inclusive approach to strategic planning. We work closely with your team to understand your vision, challenges, and opportunities. Our process involves:


Comprehensive Analysis:

We start with a thorough analysis of your organization's current state, including its market environment, internal capabilities, and financial health.


Goal Setting and Strategy Development:

Based on the analysis, we help you set realistic, achievable goals. We then develop strategies that are tailored to meet these goals, considering your organization's unique strengths and challenges.


Implementation and Support:

Our support extends beyond planning. We assist in the implementation of your strategic plan, ensuring that it is effectively executed and adapted as needed.


Continuous Improvement:

Strategic planning is an ongoing process. We provide tools and frameworks for continuous monitoring and improvement, ensuring that your strategic plan remains relevant and effective.

Image of a lake and Mountain in Washington State, Symbolizing HSC's Commitment to the pacific northwest

Why HSC?


Local Expertise, Global Perspective

Our team combines local knowledge of the Pacific Northwest with global strategic planning best practices, offering solutions that are both relevant and world-class.


Sector Experience

Whether it's a nonprofit, a public sector entity, or a local business, our experience across these sectors enables us to provide comprehensive, customized strategic planning services.


to the Pacific Northwest

Our dedication to the region goes beyond business. We are invested in the Pacific Northwest's future, working tirelessly to contribute to its growth and success.

Partnering for Your Success

At HSC, your success is our success. We are committed to providing strategic planning and consulting that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our team of experienced consultants brings expertise, dedication, and a passion for helping organizations thrive. Let us partner with you to create a strategic plan that sets the foundation for your future achievements.

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