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Expert Emergency Management Consulting for a Resilient Pacific Northwest

At Healthy Sustainable Communities (HSC), we recognize the critical importance of preparedness and resilience in safeguarding our communities. Our emergency management consulting services are designed to address the unique challenges faced by the Pacific Northwest, offering comprehensive solutions that span from emergency operations planning to disaster preparedness training. Our team of experts is committed to enhancing the safety and resilience of our communities through strategic emergency management planning.

Our Emergency Management Consulting Services

Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs):

Our emergency management consultants specialize in developing comprehensive EOPs that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your community or organization. These plans are designed to ensure a coordinated, efficient response to emergencies, minimizing impact and enhancing recovery efforts.

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Hands cradling a tiny plant in a field of dirt, symbolizing the nurturing and protection efforts of Natural Hazard Mitigation Plans

Natural Hazard Mitigation Plans (NHMP):

We help communities and organizations across the Pacific Northwest develop NHMPs that identify risks and vulnerabilities to natural disasters. Our plans focus on mitigation strategies that reduce potential damage and enhance community resilience.

BRIC Applications and Project Management:

Our team guides and supports your BRIC (Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities) application process, ensuring your projects are well-positioned for funding. We manage projects from conception through completion, focusing on building resilience into every aspect of community infrastructure.

Project manager reviewing a Gantt chart timeline for a BRIC-funded resilience project on a computer.
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Recovery Strategies

Post-disaster recovery is critical to the long-term well-being of any community. Our emergency management consulting services include the development of recovery strategies that not only address immediate needs but also lay the groundwork for sustainable rebuilding and growth.

Wildfire Protection Plans

With wildfires posing an increasing threat to the Pacific Northwest, our consultants develop targeted wildfire protection plans. These plans emphasize prevention, preparedness, and response strategies tailored to the unique environmental conditions of our region.

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Firefighters at a outdoor disaster training event

Disaster Preparedness Training

Knowledge and preparedness are key to community resilience. We offer disaster preparedness training programs designed to equip individuals and organizations with the skills necessary to effectively respond to and recover from emergencies.

Who We Help: Strengthening Emergency Management Across Sectors

At HSC, our emergency management consulting services are designed to benefit a wide range of sectors within the Pacific Northwest. We work closely with non-profits, government agencies, municipalities, and local businesses, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of emergency management. Our services are particularly tailored to the unique landscape of challenges and opportunities present in Oregon, Washington, and Northern California, ensuring that our strategies are both effective and relevant.

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In the realm of emergency management, non-profit organizations play a pivotal role in community resilience and disaster response. At Healthy Sustainable Communities (HSC), we understand the unique challenges and critical contributions of non-profits in emergency preparedness and recovery. Our emergency management consulting services are designed to empower non-profit organizations in Oregon and across the Pacific Northwest. We provide bespoke strategies that enhance their readiness, enable effective response capabilities, and ensure sustainable recovery efforts. Our goal is to amplify the impact of non-profits in safeguarding and supporting their communities during times of crisis.

Governments and Municipalities

Public sector organizations are at the forefront of emergency management, responsible for protecting and serving communities in the face of disasters. HSC specializes in partnering with public sector entities, including city councils, regional government agencies, and emergency management departments. Our consulting services focus on developing comprehensive emergency operations plans, natural hazard mitigation strategies, and recovery frameworks. We assist these entities in navigating the complexities of emergency preparedness, ensuring a coordinated, efficient response that upholds public safety and promotes swift recovery.

Local Businesses

Local businesses are essential to the economic health and recovery of communities post-disaster. Recognizing this, HSC is committed to supporting local businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest with strategic emergency management planning. Our services aim to prepare businesses for the unexpected, minimizing disruptions and facilitating rapid recovery. We offer risk assessments, business continuity planning, and disaster preparedness training tailored to the needs of local businesses. By enhancing their resilience, we help ensure that they can continue to thrive and contribute to the region's vitality, even in the aftermath of emergencies.

Where We Help: Serving the Pacific Northwest From Major Cities to Small Towns

HSC is recognized among the leading emergency management consulting firms dedicated to the Pacific Northwest. Our commitment extends across the region, from the bustling streets of Portland and Seattle to the quiet towns nestled in the heart of Oregon and Northern California. Our expertise is not limited by geography; we are dedicated to enhancing the resilience of every community within the Pacific Northwest, regardless of size or location.

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  • San Francisco

  • Oakland

  • Redding

  • Sacramento

  • San Jose


  • Portland

  • Salem

  • Bend

  • Medford

  • Eugene

  • Hillsboro

  • Tigard


  • Seattle

  • Vancouver

  • Tacoma

  • Bellevue

  • Spokane

Don't See Your Town or City? No Problem!

The Pacific Northwest is a diverse region, home to communities of all sizes. If your town or city isn't listed above, rest assured, our commitment to building resilient communities knows no bounds. We extend our emergency management consulting services to every area within Oregon, California, and Washington, believing firmly that every community, no matter its size, deserves the best in emergency preparedness and response planning.

Feel free to contact us to explore how we can assist your community in its emergency management efforts. Together, we can strive for a safer, more resilient Pacific Northwest.

Our Approach to Emergency Management

At Healthy Sustainable Communities (HSC), we embrace a collaborative and inclusive approach to community development. We engage deeply with your team and community stakeholders to fully grasp your vision, challenges, and unique opportunities. Our process is characterized by:

At HSC, we believe in a collaborative, inclusive approach to strategic planning. We work closely with your team to understand your vision, challenges, and opportunities. Our process involves:


Comprehensive Assessment:

We initiate our process with a comprehensive assessment of your current emergency management capabilities and readiness. This involves evaluating your existing plans, resources, and response mechanisms, as well as identifying vulnerabilities and potential hazards specific to your location and operations. Our goal is to gain a deep understanding of your needs and the unique challenges you face in the Pacific Northwest, from seismic risks to wildfire threats.


Strategy Development and Planning:

Leveraging insights from our initial assessment, we collaborate with you to develop robust emergency management strategies and plans. This phase focuses on creating or refining your Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs), Natural Hazard Mitigation Plans (NHMP), and other critical documents such as Wildfire Protection Plans and Disaster Preparedness Training programs. Our plans are not only tailored to address identified risks but are also designed to enhance your overall resilience and response capabilities.


Implementation and Operational Support:

With a solid plan in place, our focus shifts to implementation and operational support. This involves working alongside your team to operationalize the strategies we've developed, ensuring that plans are not only actionable but also integrated into your daily operations. We assist in the establishment of clear roles and responsibilities, the setup of communication and coordination mechanisms, and the execution of training and drills. Our support is designed to empower your team, ensuring they are prepared and confident in their roles within the emergency management framework.


Continuous Monitoring and Improvement:

Understanding that emergency management is an evolving discipline, we emphasize the importance of continuous monitoring and improvement. This final step ensures that your emergency management plans remain effective and relevant over time. We provide tools and methodologies for regular review and assessment of your plans, incorporating lessons learned from exercises, actual events, and changes in best practices or regulatory requirements. This iterative process ensures that your organization stays ahead of emerging threats and continues to enhance its resilience.

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Why HSC?


Local Expertise, Global Perspective

Our team's deep understanding of the Pacific Northwest, combined with global best practices in emergency management, ensures that our solutions are both locally relevant and internationally recognized.


Sector Experience

Whether assisting a nonprofit, public sector entity, or local business, our broad experience across sectors enables us to offer comprehensive, customized emergency management consulting services.


to the Pacific Northwest

Our dedication to this region drives us to continuously seek innovative solutions to enhance community resilience and safety.

Partnering for Your Success

At HSC, we believe that a well-prepared community is a resilient community. Our emergency management consulting services are designed to meet the diverse needs of the Pacific Northwest, ensuring that every community, regardless of size, is prepared to face and overcome emergencies. Let us partner with you to strengthen the safety and resilience of your community or organization.

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