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Cyclists going across a bridge in portland, oregon representing HSC's mission to bridge the gap for community development

Expert Community Development Consulting for a Thriving Pacific Northwest

At Healthy Sustainable Communities (HSC), we are dedicated to fostering vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive communities to Oregon, Washington, and Northern California. Our approach to community development is holistic, integrating various aspects of urban and rural planning to create spaces that are not only functional but also enrich the lives of those who inhabit them. We offer a comprehensive suite of community development services, each tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of the communities we serve.

Our Community Development Services

Housing Needs Analysis

We conduct in-depth housing needs analyses to understand and address the diverse housing requirements of communities. Our strategic approach helps in planning for affordable, accessible, and suitable housing options for all demographics.

Residential Building Representing Housing needs for community development
Planning Session with community leaders

Long Range Planning

Our community development consulting team excels in long-range planning, focusing on the future growth and development of communities. We create visionary yet achievable plans that encompass economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Downtown & Main Street Revitalization

Revitalizing downtown areas and Main Streets is crucial for local economic development. We specialize in developing strategies that enhance these areas as thriving centers of commerce, culture, and community life.

Image of a local main street
Rooftop view of mixed used buildings in an urban corridor

Urban Corridors

Urban corridors are key to sustainable urban development. Our planning focuses on transforming these corridors into vibrant, multi-use spaces that connect different parts of the city and enhance overall urban mobility.

Wayfinding Systems

Our signage and wayfinding consultants will design intuitive and comprehensive wayfinding systems that improve navigability and accessibility in urban and rural areas, enhancing the experience of residents and visitors alike.

Wayfinding sign pointing to the location of shops
Community Development Project Involving Bulldozer digging up ruins from a brownfield

Brownfield Redevelopment

Our expertise in brownfield redevelopment transforms underutilized or contaminated sites into productive community assets, contributing to environmental sustainability and economic revitalization.

Zoning and Code Regulations

We assist in developing and updating zoning and code regulations to ensure they support sustainable development, meet community needs, and facilitate responsible growth.

Community Developer Drawing on a Urban Zoning Map
Sidewalk path in a park

Park Design

Our park design services focus on creating inclusive, accessible, and engaging public spaces that enhance community well-being and connect people with nature.

Who We Help: Building Stronger Communities in the Pacific Northwest

At Healthy Sustainable Communities (HSC), we are a dedicated public sector consulting firm, deeply committed to nurturing the growth and resilience of the Pacific Northwest. Our community development services are thoughtfully tailored to meet the diverse needs of this vibrant region. We engage with a wide array of sectors including local governments, nonprofit organizations, private developers, and community groups. Our focus is on harnessing our expertise in community development to support and enhance the unique character of each community we work with, ensuring that our collective efforts contribute significantly to the region's sustainable development and prosperity.

Modern Apartment Building


Understanding the pivotal role nonprofits play in community development, we provide strategic support to help these organizations maximize their impact. Our services include program development, funding strategy assistance, and operational guidance, all aimed at empowering nonprofits to effectively serve and transform their communities.

Local Governments and Municipalities

We partner with local governments to develop comprehensive community development strategies. Our expertise helps these entities navigate urban planning, environmental sustainability, and policy implementation, ensuring that their initiatives effectively address community needs while fostering economic growth.

Private Developers and Local Businesses

We collaborate with private sector stakeholders, ensuring their projects contribute positively to the community fabric. Our focus is on sustainable, socially responsible development that aligns with local needs and aspirations, fostering spaces that enhance both economic value and community well-being.

Regional Focus: Community Development in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

At Healthy Sustainable Communities (HSC), our expertise in community development is deeply rooted in our understanding of Oregon, Washington, Northern California and the Pacific Northwest as a whole. This region, with its unique cultural, economic, and environmental landscape, offers distinct opportunities and challenges. Our commitment goes beyond mere development; we aim to capture the essence of the area in our projects. We leverage our knowledge of the Pacific Northwest to ensure that our community development strategies not only contribute to the region's growth but also align with its unique character and needs.

Waterfall and Forest in Oregon

Our Approach to Community Development

At Healthy Sustainable Communities (HSC), we embrace a collaborative and inclusive approach to community development. We engage deeply with your team and community stakeholders to fully grasp your vision, challenges, and unique opportunities. Our process is characterized by:

At HSC, we believe in a collaborative, inclusive approach to strategic planning. We work closely with your team to understand your vision, challenges, and opportunities. Our process involves:


In-Depth Community Assessment:

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of the community's current state. This involves understanding the local social dynamics, economic conditions, infrastructure, and environmental factors. This comprehensive evaluation is crucial in identifying the specific needs and opportunities within the community, setting the stage for effective planning.


Community Vision and Objective Setting:

Working hand-in-hand with community stakeholders, we facilitate the development of a clear and shared vision for the future. This collaborative step is about establishing specific, measurable, and achievable objectives that truly reflect the community's aspirations. Our role is to guide and support this process, ensuring that the goals set are both realistic and reflective of the community's potential.


Strategic Implementation and Community Engagement:

We provide extensive support in the actual execution of community development plans. This phase is characterized by active community engagement, ensuring that the people affected by our projects are integral to the process. Our approach is not just about managing the practical aspects of project implementation but also about fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration among community members.


Ongoing Evaluation and Adaptive Development:

Our approach includes establishing mechanisms for regular monitoring and evaluation of our projects. This continuous assessment ensures that our initiatives remain aligned with the community's goals and are responsive to evolving needs. We believe in an adaptive approach, allowing for necessary adjustments to be made to ensure the long-term success and relevance of our community development efforts.

Image of a lake and Mountain in Washington State, Symbolizing HSC's Commitment to the pacific northwest

Why HSC?


Local Expertise, Global Perspective

Our team at Healthy Sustainable Communities (HSC) brings together deep local knowledge of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest with insights drawn from global best practices in community development. This unique blend ensures that our solutions are not only finely tuned to the specific needs of the region but also enriched with innovative, world-class methodologies.


Sector Experience

Our expertise spans a broad range of sectors crucial to community development. From working with public sector entities and nonprofit organizations to collaborating with private developers and community groups, our diverse experience allows us to offer comprehensive, tailored solutions. This versatility ensures that we can address the unique challenges and opportunities of each sector, contributing to holistic community growth


to the Pacific Northwest

At HSC, our connection to the Pacific Northwest is more than just professional; it's a deep-rooted commitment to the region's future. We are dedicated to fostering sustainable growth and development across the Pacific Northwest, driven by a genuine desire to see the community thrive. Our team is committed to applying our skills and knowledge to positively impact the region, ensuring its prosperity and well-being for generations to come.

Partnering for Your Success

At HSC, we are dedicated to creating communities that are not just places to live, but places where life thrives. Partner with us to transform your community development visions into realities that will shape the future of the Pacific Northwest. Let’s work together to build communities that are vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive.

A lake in Oregon with Mount Hood In the background

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