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Skyscrapers under construction emerging above fog with snowy mountain backdrop, symbolizing growth and future development in the Pacific Northwest

Fostering Growth Across the Pacific Northwest with Expert Economic Development Consulting

At Healthy Sustainable Communities (HSC), our passion is fueling economic growth and boosting prosperity across the Pacific Northwest. Our economic development consulting services are tailor-made to tackle the distinct economic hurdles and seize opportunities in this dynamic region. We dive deep with comprehensive economic opportunity analyses and spearhead infrastructure funding initiatives, all aimed at nurturing sustainable economic development. By deploying strategic planning coupled with cutting-edge solutions, we empower communities, businesses, and public sector players to realize their economic ambitions.

Our Economic Development Consulting Services

Economic Opportunity Analysis

Our team of economic development consultants specializes in uncovering growth opportunities for your community or organization. We deliver in-depth analyses pinpointing areas ripe for economic expansion, offering key insights to inform your strategic planning.

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Infrastructure Funding

Unlocking financial support for crucial infrastructure projects is key to driving economic growth. Our services include pinpointing and securing infrastructure funding sources, guaranteeing your projects receive the necessary financial backing to flourish.

Business Recruitment and Retention

The backbone of a thriving economy is a robust business community. We offer strategies designed to attract new businesses to your area and keep existing ones, creating a dynamic economic ecosystem.

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Site Selection Assistance & State Incentive Analysis

Our services provide thorough site selection guidance, encompassing evaluations of state and local incentives. This ensures businesses and investors have the critical information needed to choose the best locations for their operations, informed by comprehensive insights into available benefits.

Urban Renewal

Revitalizing urban spaces is crucial for economic growth. Our experts are adept at crafting urban renewal plans that attract investment, upgrade infrastructure, and boost residents' quality of life, fueling the area's economic rejuvenation.

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Public policy makers in a meeting

Policy Development

The cornerstone of lasting economic growth is robust economic policy. We collaborate with public sector organizations to craft and execute policies that drive economic development, tailored to meet the unique demands of the Pacific Northwest.

Who We Help: Empowering Pacific Northwest Communities

At HSC, we stand out among economic development consulting firms by offering services precisely tailored for a diverse range of sectors in the Pacific Northwest. Our expertise extends to supporting non-profits, government agencies, municipalities, and local businesses. We provide them with strategic insights and practical solutions to successfully tackle the complex terrain of economic development. Our solutions are custom-designed to meet the distinct challenges and opportunities in Oregon, Washington, and Northern California, ensuring our strategies are not only effective but also highly relevant.

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Recognizing the essential contributions of non-profits, we provide strategic support to amplify their economic influence. Our services, ranging from program development and funding strategy assistance to operational advice, are designed to empower non-profits to significantly boost economic vitality.

Governments & Municipalities

Our collaboration with public sector entities focuses on crafting and applying strategies that promote economic growth and stability. Through our consulting services, we offer extensive planning, policy formulation, and infrastructure funding support, guaranteeing that public initiatives result in significant economic improvements.

 Local Businesses

We partner with private sector stakeholders to ensure their ventures enrich the community. Our commitment is to sustainable and socially responsible development, tailored to local needs and goals. This approach promotes projects that not only boost economic value but also enhance community well-being.

Where We Help: Serving the Pacific Northwest From Major Cities to Small Towns

HSC stands out among the top economic development consulting firms with a deep commitment to the Pacific Northwest. Our expertise is rooted in a profound understanding of the region's diverse environments. From bustling city centers to serene small towns, our reach spans the full spectrum, offering tailored solutions that address specific local challenges and capitalize on unique opportunities.

Our involvement in the Pacific Northwest goes beyond mere service provision; it's about fostering lasting growth and resilience. By acknowledging and integrating the cultural, economic, and environmental nuances of this vibrant area, we drive meaningful progress across Oregon, Washington, and Northern California.

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  • San Francisco

  • Oakland

  • Redding

  • Sacramento

  • San Jose


  • Portland

  • Salem

  • Bend

  • Medford

  • Eugene

  • Hillsboro

  • Tigard


  • Seattle

  • Vancouver

  • Tacoma

  • Bellevue

  • Spokane

Don't See Your Town? No Problem!

The Pacific Northwest, with its rich diversity and communities of various sizes, is at the heart of our mission. Even if your town or city isn't explicitly mentioned, know that our commitment to cultivating prosperous economies is limitless. Our economic development consultancy services are readily available across Oregon, California, and Washington. We hold a strong belief that every community, regardless of size, is entitled to premier economic development guidance.

Feel free to contact us to explore how we can assist your community in its development efforts. Together, we can strive for a thriving Pacific Northwest.

Our Approach to Economic Development Consulting

At Healthy Sustainable Communities (HSC), we adopt a collaborative and inclusive approach to economic development. We work closely with your organization and key regional stakeholders to thoroughly understand your economic objectives, challenges, and distinctive opportunities. Our methodology is distinguished by:

At HSC, we believe in a collaborative, inclusive approach to strategic planning. We work closely with your team to understand your vision, challenges, and opportunities. Our process involves:


Comprehensive Economic Assessment:

Our process starts by conducting a thorough evaluation of the existing economic landscape. We pinpoint growth opportunities, assess infrastructure requirements, and analyze the business climate. This detailed assessment lays the groundwork for our customized consulting services, ensuring we address each client's unique needs effectively.


Strategic Planning and Development:

Leveraging the insights gained from our comprehensive assessments, we work closely with clients to craft strategic economic development plans. These plans aim to harness identified opportunities, tackle existing challenges, and pave the way for enduring growth, ensuring tailored solutions that align with our clients' specific goals.


Implementation Support:

We offer unwavering support throughout the implementation phase of economic development strategies. Collaborating closely with our clients, we help bring their strategic plans to life, guaranteeing that objectives are achieved and the economic impact is fully realized.


Continuous Evaluation and Adaptation:

Recognizing that economic development is a dynamic journey, we offer continuous support to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented strategies. Our aim is to adapt and refine these approaches in response to evolving economic landscapes, ensuring sustained success and resilience in the long term.

Image of a lake and Mountain in Washington State, Symbolizing HSC's Commitment to the pacific northwest

Why HSC?


Local Expertise, Global Perspective

Our profound understanding of the Pacific Northwest, enriched by global economic development best practices, has allowed us to become one of the top economic consulting firms. This unique combination ensures our strategies are both locally resonant and globally competitive, enabling us to deliver innovative, effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of this region.


Sector Experience

HSC stands out with its extensive experience across multiple sectors, such as non-profits, public organizations, and local businesses. This varied background enriches our approach, enabling us to offer economic development consulting services that are thoughtfully tailored to address the distinct challenges and seize the opportunities unique to each client.


to the Pacific Northwest

At the core of our mission is an unwavering dedication to the Pacific Northwest. This commitment motivates us to develop and apply forward-thinking economic development strategies, tailored not just to meet today's needs but to also foresee and tackle future challenges. Our aim is to help forge a robust, vibrant economic environment that uplifts every community member.

Partnering for Your Success

At HSC, we're driven by the transformative impact of economic development on communities and individual lives. As one of the top economic consulting firms, we're dedicated to aiding the Pacific Northwest in realizing its economic aspirations, nurturing a thriving and affluent future for everyone involved. Join us in unlocking the immense economic potential of your community or organization, and together, let's shape a vibrant future.

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